Top Tools to Protect Business from Malicious Threats

Protecting your Business from Malicious Threats: Top Tools You Should Try Protecting your company online from malicious threats is like locking the front door when you leave the office. It should be done on a daily basis and there should be multiple checks in place to ensure your data is protected. Hackers are fast, invisible,

Logical interview questions asked [solution]

Logical interview questions asked usually “with solution” Hello friends, once again i am here, today i am here on the ocasion of INDEPENDENCE DAY and going to share some of the top logical interview questions asked.Have you ever wonder of some questions that are usually asked in  technical interviews. So, lets take a look at those

What Are the Fastest 4G Phones?

There are many things people look for in a phone. Apart from searching for a device that will help them play the latest games and capture best images, in the era of the internet they also look for a phone with a good connection. Up until recently, 3G reigned supreme as a mobile communications standard.

Hello World in all Programming Language

Hello friends, how are you all ? Hope fine. Recently we discussed on  Getting Started with Programming Language. In which we discussed on the basic of programming language and which language you should learn first.  whenever we are learning a new programming language. The first program that we all write or compile is to print

How to develop a Career in Ethical Hacking

With the everyday attacks in the internet, Ethical hacking and security is the most important thing to learn. In this article we will discuss on how you can develop career in Ethical Hacking.This guide will give you the brief idea on how you can learn hacking and which are the essential steps taken to become

How to Install Kali Linux in VMware

Kali Linux, the favorite operating system of hackers and programmers. We already discussed on Why Linux is better than windows Here is a tutorial to use kali without installing, vmvare it is the virtual machine to use another operating system with your windows, vmvare is a free player so you can use to install any

How to create Blogger Blog for Free

Hello folks, how are you all. In this guide i am gonna show you how you can create blogger blog. First of all what is blog ? It is kind of a website where you can write something and share it with the world. You can write about anything it may be about yourself, about