Gift cards are a perfect solution for all of the non-creative givers. Although it’s never the most exciting gift for anyone, it is a discreet way to show appreciation when you don’t know what to purchase. Have you ever wondered how a small plastic card that has a certain value in the retailers – affects the global economy? Brace yourself: at least $500 million is wasted per year through unused gift cards, and that’s only in America! Obviously, retailers make a profit out of it, but even the governments saw a chance to fill in their budgets, using new legal measures (or freely interpreting the existing ones) that would allow them to collect unclaimed gift-card credit.

Luckily, in the age of technology we live in, you can basically track your whole life through your smartphone. Millions of apps make our lives easier every day: here are the best ones to try out, so that you become savvy at organizing gift purchases, and never waste the chance to actually use that gift card you got as a present.  


gyft app
Gyft is a free app that helps you keep track of your gift cards, so they are never again lost, forgotten or expired before you get a chance to use them. You can load any gift cards you own by entering in the numbers off the card. In addition to managing your plastic cards, you can use it for sending gift cards to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, text or e-mail. There are hundreds of retailers you can choose from (e.g. Starbucks, Sephora, Target, Amazon, etc.) and even attach a personal video message for the receiver. Gyft is great for redeeming and tracking balances and even has a sneaky option for re-gifting the gift cards. Another great feature includes automatically backed up cards: if you lose your phone, you can easily restore them.

It’s available for Android and IOS.


slide app
Christmas is just around the corner which means you have to start organizing your budget for buying presents. Searching for a perfect gift can truly be exhausting, so most of the people opt for gift cards. But did you know that in the past decade, around $41 billion has been wasted just on the Christmas gift cards that were left unused? That’s a huge spillage! If you’re not much of a tech-addict, Slide app is one of the simplest apps that allows you to store all of your gift cards on your smartphone and easily purchase gifts for your friends during the holiday season. Maybe you’re one of those people that never seem to use their gift cards because you never have them with you. Slide app will save up your wallet space and make you enjoy your gift in just a few clicks.

It’s available for Android and IOS.


eGifter app
Similar to Gyft, eGifter enables you to send gifts to your friends and stores your own gift cards. If you become a loyal member, you may earn rewards and discounts. The great thing about this app is the Group Gift feature: you can group with a few friends to buy a Christmas gift card as someone’s present and chip in with a certain amount of money. You can automatically split the amount of money evenly, or customize the amounts as you wish. It truly saves you a lot of time and energy. This app is free for downloading and accepts bitcoins and most of the credit cards for instant purchase of gift cards.

It’s available for Android and IOS.

Most of the gift-tracking apps function in the same way: they all share the basic features, but some are more user-friendly or they enable you to collect points and discounts as a loyal member. Either way, they will make your life a lot easier.

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