Android is one of the most commonly used OS for mobile device. It has easy user interface. But when it comes to font, most of device don’t have much variety of font. Sometimes the default android font becomes quite boring. For a change, here is an small post on how to change android font. So why not change android font and make your mobile phone with a beautiful typography.

Mostly if your device supports font change you can head over to Home > Settings > Display and choose your font style. No need to go in depth,  but if your device doesn’t allow to change the font or you want to use another font which are not provided in your android smart phone then you need to do some tweaks. You can simply follow the below steps and set change your device default font type.


Requirements :-

1.Rooted android phone

Not yet rooted your phone check this article >> How to Root your android without PC

2.Internet connection for downloading the font

Steps to change android font:-


  • Now open xposed, in xposed app search in modules you can see the fonter module in xposed download it. Don’t worry It won’t take too much time because it is small.
  • Now, activate that module after download and restart your phone.
  • And here, you can see there in one app installed in your phone. Now open it, fonter is tool to set the font but it can’t give you the fonts so download which type of font you want like ,if you like samsung’s choco cookie fonts then download “choco-cookie.ttf” file.

change android fontchange android font


  • Now open fonter app and browse the font you downloaded and set it.
    It ask you to set for like if you want to set fonts for any social messaging whatsapp than select whatsapp and if you want to set font for your phone than select system UI.

That’s it, now your favorite font is in your mobile phone

Not just the font, using fonter app you can also change system’s emoji , font color and it also supports custom font which means you can simply google and download any of the font in TTF file and you can use it with fonter app.


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