There is lots of way to hack wifi also today security is going high so hackers are trying to get more way to hack or bypass security. Ever felt like your wifi is secured ? By this trick any one can get your WiFi password. So as prevention is better then cure. It is better to defend your self then to let others rule you.

Lots of peoples want to hack wifi password and to check security or to just make an impression among your friends. so today i m going to tell you how you can hacker by pass wifi security and how to prevent it. Just remember we are guiding you for educational purpose only. The main AIM of this article is to let you know your WiFi is secured enough so other people can’t get into your network. You think making a strong password makes you unhackable ? Well not always. Check out this amazing tutorial and you will get to know everything.

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Best apps of 2016 is WPS-WPS TESTER


Here are some requirements to bypass wifi network key or connect without password.

  1. Android phone (version 4.0 or up)
  2. internet connection for download require apps
  3. Wi-Fi WPS WPA TESTER app from play store

lets rock,

First of all install this app Wi-Fi WPS WPA TESTER and start the app.

NOW search the networks which are near by you, now you can see all available wifi networks which are in your range. Don’t do this by using your default wifi scanner , open the app and use the scanner provided in it.

There may be lots of network available around you, but you can only check the security of the WiFi network in which wps is available(Green signal). If the WPS is avaiable then the app can bypass the password and you can connect into it without password.

Before getting deep into this. Lets discuss on what is WPS.

Wps stands for WiFi protected setup. It is a standard network which can connect you to the router easier and faster by using WPS Pin. WPS pin is provided in different router and they are different from each other but they are highly insecured PIN. They can be easily cracked.  This app does something similar. SO Lets continue our tutorial.

let we guess our victim is telecom-94696559, select your victims wifi network and click it now you will show like this-


there is two option you can see two options

1. custom pin: if you have wps 8 digit pin then select custom pin.

2. try to connect (automatic): if you don’t have then select this option.

Normally select try to connect option and select pins given by default now sit back and relax. In few minutes wifi password will be displayed. All it does is to try some default pins given for router. In most cases it will work. If you have a custom pin you can select 1st option. The pin is given in the bottom of the router.

Note: Only those wifi will be connect which has wifi wps enabled.

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how to defend this to secure your wifi

It was all about how you can crack wifi now let’s get to main goal of our security. Lets see how you can defend yourself from such type of attacks and secure your WiFi network and don’t let your friends show you’re unsecured.

Open your wifi admin penal or admin page using gateway ip address like or You can get this IP from user manual or you can google to find your default IP. If you don’t have a manual then you can go to CMD and type “ipconfig” ( without quotes ) it will show you the IP Address. There will be an option called DEFAULT GATEWAY in next to it there will be IP Address. That’s your home default IP.

Now open the link and log in admin panel  there is wps category or option click on it like this :

Defaut username are : admin or administrator

Password : password or pass or admin

You can apply the same trick as we did in finding the HOME IP.

hack wifi

Head over to WIRELESS page, On this page you can see the wps is enabled or not if enabled then disable quikly.wps option

You can save or apply changes to save this stats, this means no one can connect to your pc using this wps pin,now your wifi is unhackable.  Make sure you restart your router after applying this settings


Note :- this process or tricks are educational purpose only so please don’t use without victims permissions.

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