How to Make bootable Pendrive

make bootable pendrive

You can make bootable pendrive for the installation of Operating system. You can use bootable pendrive to boot it on LIVE USB. Live USB means is a way by which you can run any distro like linux in a live mode without installing it. In other words we can say it is an operating system which runs on your system without the boring installation part. Or you can also use this to create installation disk for your ISO.

There are many methods available for making a pendrive bootable.I will show two of the methods.



Make pendrive bootable Using Universal USB installer [ easy way ]

  • Open it and you will see following screen
Make bootable pendrive
Make bootable pendrive


  • In step 1, specify the OS you want to install
  • In step 2, Select the ISO file of OS
  • In step 3, Choose the drive letter of your pendrive
  • Hit create
Make bootable pendrive
Make bootable pendrive
  • After the completion of the process, your pendrive will be bootable and ready to use.



Another method to make BOOTABLE USB is to do it with windows utility software Diskpart. Folloe the given steps to make your USB drive Bootable

  • Open CMD as Administartor
  • Type Diskpart and hit enter
  • Type list disk It will show the list of all available drives
  • type in select disk R here R is the drive letter of your USB
  • Now you have to clean the disk to make it bootable. So type clean and hit enter
  • The disk is now fully clean so you have to make a primary partition into it. To do this we will use create part pri command
  • Type select part 1, and then click Enter
  • Now again format it so type in format fs=ntfs quick or you can use format fs=fat32 quick if your system has UEFI [ Unified Extensible Firmware Interface] support.
  • Type activate in your command prompt screen
  • Lastly type exit to exit diskpart
  • Your drive is now bootable.  Copy the boot folders and files to main root of your pendrive or USB drive.

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