Hello guys what’s up. In this post we will see 101 ways to make money in college. I included the “in college” because most of the tutorials these days on the internet are of a full-time business which requires time and money. As a college student, you have a limited amount of time and money too. So here are few ways to make money with low investment.

#1. Start a blog/website

This one stays my favorite and always tops the list. You can always start a blog or website according to your passion and start making money from it. Google AdSense pays you for advertisements in your blogs and you can make money from it or if you are good at a particular thing, you can charge your user for your service.

Start a Blog { Full Guide to blogging from scratch }


#2. Start a YouTube Channel

Let’s say, you are not more into written content, for that kind of students you can always start a youtube channel and share videos. The main problem/excuse people do these days is telling you don’t have proper camera or mic to start recording your videos. Well, just download some screen recorder software or make a powerpoint presentation and start making videos. You can do the same thing right on your mobile.


3. Sell your course

If you are a more studious kind of student, this one is perfect for you. Make money while learning about new kinds of stuff, doesn’t matter if you are making a course on your academic subjects or you are making on any other kinds of stuff, Just start making. You can sell those course on websites like udemy or offer the same course as a free course in your website or if you don’t want to make a website, just upload them to youtube. If you offer the course free of cost on your youtube channel then you can make money by selling notes or offer a personal service to answer the question. You can come live once a while and interact with your subscribers and make a community to make more presence. And NO, no one will think that you are a student and why will others learn from you. People want is Good content. Remember content is the king. Your students don’t give a damn about who you are or from where the hell you came from. All they want is good content and explanation. You can either make videos or written content. If you are a more technical person, you can develop an android app for the same. To go more niche, you can target a specific university or your language or course.


4. Buy and Sell Stuff

You can always buy old useful stuff and sell them for a profit. Just google the perfect website in your country and buy some stuff you think it will see or are cheap and in Good quality, remix it a bit if possible or sell them as it is for a profit. Some websites even offer free products which customer don’t want in their house, you can buy them and sell it then after. This same thing can also be done offline. You can buy them and sell them online or offline. List them in various websites and done. You made your part-time income. Repeat the same thing for bigger products and make more money.


5. Offer your service on Fiverr

Those who don’t know Fiverr is a website where you can give a description of what you can do and for how much money will you do it. The price starts from $5 and you keep the profit of $4. You can sell your services ( known as a gig on Fiverr ) at any rate with the multiple of 5. That is, you can offer your gig as $5 $10 $15 or how much your service is worth for. There are many things you can offer on Fiverr.

6. Freelancer

If you are good at something, never do it for free. There are many freelancer websites where the companies post their projects and you can do those jobs in exchange for money. You can create your portfolio to showcase your skills and then bid on the project with lesser time then it is required. Companies want their jobs done fast and in an affordable way but also want the things to be perfect. So make sure you have a good genuine unique portfolio of your skills, you can upload them on the freelancing website.

7. Content Writer

You can always write content and make money. There are many websites such as Fiverr from which you can get content writing jobs. Select the content of your favorite niche and start writing them for money.

8. Event Planner

As a student, you may have organized many events in college. You can do the same for events other than college. You can start looking for some small events which are to be held in your city and ask the organizer to give the event planning and management contract to you. You may need a team or contacts in your local city to make things faster. Find some people who have the same and include them in your team. You can make a decent amount of money from it.

9. Sell video games account and skins

This one is more for boys, not doing any discrimination but most of the gamers are boys. So you can sell your video games account or you can sell the skins of the video games and money from it. There are many websites on which you can sell skins of the game. Sell it and make money from it.

10. Start a vlog or travel blog

Students go out and hang out in various places with their gang of besties. All you need is a camera or a mobile camera will also do for a start. Either record a video about the place you are going to and tell other people about the attraction of your city. If you are a video shy person, just take the pictures or ask your friend to do so. Put in your blog and write the content about. You can contact your local shops for advertising their business in your videos or blog once you have a decent amount of viewers.

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