The main problem after you start a blog comes is increase traffic and visitors to your blog or website. So in this article, we will see some killer tips to increase traffic.

 10 Killer tips to Increase Traffic

1. Blog More

Content is king. Keep in mind one thing, people will only visit your blog if you update it more often. No one comes in a website to see old content. So keep updating and writing new posts.

2. Share More

After writing the content, you will have to bring some amount to traffic by your self and then you can leave it on SEO.  So for this, the best thing is you can share your post in social media.

To reach out to maximum number of audience, you can search facebook groups for your niche , join those groups and share your posts over there. In the same way , you can join some linkedin groups , Google + communities and share your posts over there.

3. Backlinks

The best method to increase SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and traffic is by creating backlinks. The best way to create backlinks is by commenting. Find some blogs on your niche and just comment on those blogs. In the website section make sure you include your website link. It will give you some good amount of traffic. Find blogs with High PR and comment on those blogs to increase the possibilities of getting more traffic.

4. Build A Community

Well, In this era no one remembers the name of your website unless you are too good. So to increase the traffic you can make a community. You can make an email list by which you can notify subscribers about your new post or event or you can also use it for email marketing. You can also make a whatsapp broadcast list for your users or you can use twitter SMS system to send users SMS alerts of your new blogs. Not only this, you can let your users make an account in your blog.

5. Write SEO friendly post

This is the first thing that you should do while writing a blog post. You must keep proper keywords and titles in order to make your post more SEO friendly. Make sure you write big articles with minimum 300 words with images and killer titles. The title should be SEO Friendly as well as it should attract more viewers and hence it will increase traffic of your website or a blog.

6. Internal Linking

Another great way to boost and increase traffic is by interlinking your blog. A blog should be interlinked in such a way that Once the visitor enters your blog or website he/she should not feel like leaving. Make strong internal linking. One article should link to relevant other article. Also you can keep the widget of recommended or related article below every post. It is also used by wikipedia very widely.

7. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a concept of writing blog post in other’s blog. Many of the tech blogs have Write for us option in which you can write a post and you will get 2/3 backlinks to your blog. As you gain some popularity in the particular niche. To get started in guest blogging you can start writing for our blog 🙂

8. Offer Giveaway and Free stuffs

Conduct some giveaway and you can set subscribing to your blog as a mandatory thing by this you will have some members for your blog. Also offer free stuffs in your blog as people are crazy as soon as they the word FREE. Offer free downloads, you can upload your files in some file sharing websites.

9. Design your blog perfectly

The theme or template you are using must be responsive and easy to navigate. You can also add some widgets like LABEL or CATEGORIES. For the new blogs, other post widgets such as popular post or recent post/comments will also help in bringing some views by letting user staying in your blog. Don’t keep light text on dark background.

10. Engage with Members

Engage with your visitors and members. Reply to their comments, emails etc.  Don’t hide, tell your visitors about yourself.  Reply to their queries and problems. Give your social ID’s to them. Make a social media group so members can understand each other as well can communicate with you.

By following all you can easily get good amount of traffic. Do comment below if you think i have missed out something.


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