5 Proven ways to build backlinks to your website

build backlinks

Building Backlinks is one of the main task needed to be done in order to maintain and increase the Google ranking of your website. It not only helps you to increase google rank but you also get some visitors and traffic to your website from the backlinks created. There are 2 types of links, dofollow means telling the search engine that the link to be indexed and nofollow means telling search engine the link is to be indexed.

5 Ways to build backlinks to your website

build backlinks

1. Guest Posting

It still remains the first. Many of the blogs allow you to post the content as a guest author in return for the post, you get one or two backlink to your website and you will be known to the readers of that blog. So it is one o the best way to increase your brand awareness and also get backlinks from the blog. I suggest you to find some good quality blogs to comment on.

Now the question is how to find such blogs. For that, all you need to do is look for the page called “write for us” or “contribute to the blog” or something similar.

You can easily find them just by googling. All you need to do is write the keyword which you want to write a post on and then add one of these lines or similar in double quotation as the end of your keyword.

  • “guest post”
  • “write a post”
  • “Contribute articles”
  • “Write for us”

build backlinks

For example, if you want to guest post on the niche of book reviews, just search for and

book reviews “write for us”

you will get tons of blog which allows you to guest post. In this way, you will get a good amount of good blogs.

Alternatively, Go to the website dropmylink and search for the keywords and from the drop-down menu select guest post.

build backlinks


2. Blog Commenting

Although people think this technique now doesn’t work but according to Google yes it still does. Google still considers the backlink no matter whether it is dofollow or nofollow. You can find the niche blogs to comment on and make sure you provide the value to the post or your comment won’t be approved by the author.

For example, instead of writing “check my post on example.com” write “Rishit, You wrote an awesome post on ways to build backlink, I’ve written a similar post on the same topic where I have covered so and so technique also, you can read it on example.com”.

Some tips on blog commenting:-

  • Make sure your comment is not spammy looking.
  • Write your Full Name and don’t I repeat don’t write the keyword/post title in the NAME section.
  • Make sure you use your correct Email address and also check if it has a Gravatar.
  • Also, see that you give the value and not just commenting for the free traffic.
  • Check the blog first, it should have a good amount of targeted visitors to your niche.

Alternatively, you can even use dropmylink in here.

Go there, and you can find all the blogs they allow comment. Try searching with commentluv blogs as they allow dofollow links.

3. Forums

There are many forums which allow you to share the link in the signature. Use these forums to generate traffic. Answer people’s question and provide some value.

4. Quora

One of my favorite source to get backlinks and traffic is Quora. It is a wonderful website for question and answer. You just need to find the questions related to your niche, your keyword or your service. Answer those question, provide your website link in there and you will get traffic as well a backlink.

5. Reviews and business Relationship

You can always review products and service and if they like it they will give you a backlink. Another way is linking to other blogs from your blogs eventually they will also link back to you and you will get a backlink from them.

Bonus: Fiverr

This requires a little investment, you can always go on Fiverr, there are many gigs on Fiverr where the seller either gives you a backlink on their own blogs or will create some backlinks for you. You can choose either of them depending on your niche. Some Fiverr gigs also claim to guest post on huge traffic blogs. You can check their reviews and do things accordingly. Personally saying I suggest you do this stuffs on Fiverr.

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