What Android custom ROM is? Why you need one? [Updated]

If you have an Android device, and you’re a geek then you will have heard about ROMs. Though a lot of people catch onto what ROMs are, for some people it’s not such an easy thing to get your head around. If you aren’t quite sure what a ROM is, hopefully, I will clear things up for you today.



Recently, I have published numerous helpful articles on Tech2Hack sharing technology and hacking tricks like how you can duplicate a sim card to use in two phones after which I got lots of love in comments. As you all know Android is something we all love to tweak that’s why I need to write about custom ROMs.

Recently I also published some articles related to creating boot animation and how you can change your boring boot animation easily and now I am going to share What android custom ROM is? Hope this will help you to understand Custom ROMs.

So, Let’s get started;

What is an Android Custom ROM?

If you are a droid geek, you have seen people talking about Custom ROMs. Generally, ROMs are the read-only memory but custom Android ROM refers to phone’s firmware based on google’s android.


When you buy your Android device, it comes with what we call a “stock ROM” or the “stock firmware”. This refers to the pre-installed operating system. This ROM usually has limited functionality as defined by the phone’s manufacturer. By flashing a custom ROM, you can unlock extra features and sometimes improve the performance.

Some custom ROMs comes pre-rooted, means you don’t need to root your custom ROM so follow this guide on One click android Root without PC and you’re good to go:

Android is open source, so, you can view, read, edit and compile its source code and re-release it with your own custom features, and this is the power of Android. Users install ROMs to change device’s appearance and behaviour.

ROMs are developed by passionate developers worldwide through huge communities and hence are free.


Flashing ROM is very easy if you try to follow the right instructions from a good source, otherwise, you’ve ended up bricking your device. For those of us who want to push the performance of our devices and unlock extra features, we’ll be using custom ROMs.

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Benefits of Flashing Custom Rom


You’ll be able to overclock your hardware to get big performance increases. These changes can really show when you’re playing high-quality games. Custom ROM can also improve performance is by removing pre-installed apps, known as bloatware, which can free up system resources.

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Battery Life

With your phone running with custom ROM, you can choose processor to run at a lower speed, this can often extend battery life by days. This is something to consider if you find yourself charging your phone multiple times per day. A custom ROM, again, by removing bloatware, can help free up the CPU to do less because there are fewer apps running in the background.


By flashing custom ROM you don’t need to have wait for the manufacturer for the updates to get the latest features. Usually, manufacturers will cut support for your device entirely and leaves you stuck with a phone with an old version. You can simply flash custom ROM of the newest Android version. If your phone is running on KitKat, you can download and flash a ROM based on Lollipop. Many of the more popular ROMs even update on a daily basis.


Android is already very customizable right out of the box. With a custom ROM, you can even modify things like the colour of your notification light, the force of your vibration, the saturation of the colours on your screen and much more.

Here are some Custom ROMs which are quite popular

custom ROM list


CyanogenMod is the most popular ROM among the XDA community. Check your device’s compatibility on this page. To name a few features of CyanogenMod: theming support, FLAC audio support, per-application permissions, CPU overclocking, soft-button customizations, & more.



AOKP is the fastest ROM in my knowledge. Want to if it is compatible with your device, check out this page. Some features of AOKP include custom toggles in the notification shade, LED control for devices that have a notification light, nav ring support, vibration pattern customization, & more.


Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android focuses on improving notifications, design and navigation. It uniquely lets you run your entire system, or just certain apps, in tablet or phone mode, and you can customize the DPI settings as well. This is great for big displays when you want to fully utilize the screen space.

I would recommend checking your device’s XDA forum and see what the most popular ROM is before you make a decision. I am not responsible if you brick your phone. so, try at your own risk.

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