What is Android rooting ? Advantage and Disadvantage

android rooting


Android Rooting  is the process which allows user to get full permission or in other words we can Root access to user .As we know android is based on Linux distro so to obtain permission as a superuser, one must root their android phone in order to access the root directory.

After rooting the phone one can edit the system settings, install specialized apps which require superuser permission and do various more things.We will discuss it later on how we can do these things. You may have heard about android rooting so here today we will discuss about the advantage and disadvantage of rooting android smartphone.

android rooting


Full Permission

Okay, so you bought an android phone, but do you fully own it ?  By rooting your android mobile phone you can do whatever you want like edit the default settings which is not possible without root access. So by rooting android phone is quite beneficial if you truely want to own your phone. You can install Xposed Framework from which you can do many things.

Flash a custom Kernal and ROM

Kernal is the one responsible for the performance , battery life of your android phone. In other words interaction of software with hardware is called kernal. So by using a custom kernal you will probably get the best out of your phone.

In the same way, Custom ROM is custom version of android , as if you can change your android version by flashing your phone with custom ROM.

Tweak the apps

Here is comes the best part, you can tweak your apps, by blocking ads in your android apps, hacking your game to get unlimited coins, remove inbuilt or preinstalled apps, increase your mobile speed speed not only this you can even install incompatible apps on your rooted android phone. You can change the Android font


Save space and Backup full phone.

You can free up space in rooted phone. This is sometimes not possible in non-rooted phone. The other great thing you can do is a FULL BACKUP of your android phone. Everything will be saved and with backup so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Fully Automatic

Some rooted apps allows you do whatever you want automatically like you can turn wifi on/off when you put your Headphone on or you can keep your phone in silent mode when you connect to your college/college wifi . I will provide the tutorial later on to know how you can do this things. Stay tuned.



Bye bye Warranty

Every good things has a bad things too, here is the very first disadvantage of android rooting. It will remove or void your warranty. This is the main issue why people don’t root their mobile phone.

Bricked phone

No matter how good the rooting technique is, there is chance your phone maybe bricked. Bricked phone means you cannot do anything with it, neither you can use it nor can boot in any mode. There are solutions but most them don’t work or it takes time to find the exact tutorial to unbrick your phone.


Want to root your android phone ?

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