Best website to find Data Entry Jobs online

The Internet is a massive source of income for almost half of the world. Many people make their living on the internet. There are many of the people who became a millionaire making money from the internet. So to find a good-paying company or website for the data entry job is not that hard nowadays. If you don’t know what is data entry jobs or you are not sure whether you should invest your time in this, then you can go through my previous article on What are Data Entry Jobs | Worth it or waste of time.

So lemme just dive into the actual part of this post and spare you some time.


Freelancing websites

Freelancing websites are the best way to find data entry jobs online, freelancing website can easily be your part-time/full-time income from home. Company owners give their short jobs on the freelancing website to get completed. You can bid on those projects and win the project, complete the project and make easy bucks online. You can easily find data entry jobs, translation jobs, copywriting jobs and many more jobs through these websites. Find the project which you can complete, Bid with money for which you will complete it. Bid the time on which you will deliver the project. The project owner may award the project to you and you can make money through it.



Fiverr is another great website. It is where you give the gig ( what you will do for the company ) and if the company likes it, they will pay you and you will have to do the work. Here you can do anything in the money of multiple of 5. That is, you can either complete the project for $5 or $15 and so on. It is a great website to make money, you can offer low-cost service with more work and less time. People want their work done in less time regardless of the money, so chances are they will pay you good money for it.


Captcha Entry websites

No matter which website you open or which form you fill-up. It impossible that you don’t know what is captcha if you still belong to the stone age let me tell you, the captcha is nothing but the “I AM NOT A ROBOT” thing you see up while filling up the form. There are letters given in the obscured sequence of digits given in the same form. Now you may be thinking what is this have to do with the data entry job, Right? So, there is a data entry job where you get paid to write these captchas. Yup, you read it right. You get paid to complete these captchas. There is a series of captcha and you get paid once you completed certain captchas.

Here is the list of some great website for captcha entry










Airtasker can be a great help

The next website that we are going to talk about is Airtasker. It is one of the largest marketplaces where you can easily find a job. They have tons of online jobs that you can do from your home. You can easily make more than $1000 a month if you provide the best service. There are various categories that you can select from and you can get paid for any of them.


Small Task websites

There are many websites that pay you for small tasks, you can easily find data entry work from there and make a decent amount of money from it. They have small tasks you can do in exchange for money.


Creating your Own Brand

This one is tough, but if you have a full team working on the same type of data entry. You can create a brand online. Creating a website is now super easy. Add some portfolio of your work and start making money now. Also, you will create a brand online. Of course, you can always sell this kind of business or if you don’t want to do some hard work, you can buy it online.


Up to you

At last, it totally up to you, which website you wanna work with or you wanna go with the local company, or you just want to start your own brand by doing these tasks.

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