How to create Blogger Blog

create blogger blog

Hello folks, how are you all. In this guide i am gonna show you how you can create blogger blog. First of all what is blog ? It is kind of a website where you can write something and share it with the world. You can write about anything it may be about yourself, about your skills, a informative blog on what you are expert at or anything. Moreover you can also earn money from it. If you want a job , then having your own name blog { personal blog } written in your resume will be much more beneficial for your job as well as whenever someone search your name in Google , your blog will be shown up and hence you can make your online presence.  Okay so lets start the tutorial and you will be ready to create blogger blog.


What is Blogger ?

Blogger is Free web platform by Google from which you can easily make your first blog and start sharing on what you are good at. It gives you a BLOGSPOT.COM domain name at the behind of your blog name. Suppose you kept your blog name as techxstarblog , then it will display as Later on we will discuss on how you can change it to .com or other top level domain name.


How to Create blogger blog ?

Okay so here, we go.

Step 1 >> Head over to and Login with your google account { Gmail id and password } or you can simple create new google account


Step 2 >> Hit NEW BLOG option written below your name  at top right corner.

create blogger blog

Step 3 >> Write the title of your blog in TITLE and URL of your new blog in WEB ADDRRESS

in this case Title is techxstarblog and Web address { URL } will be

Template : It is some design or look for your blog. You can choose among the given template by blogger. Don’t worry about how it will look, you can change your blog’s template later on. So no need to worry about it.

create blogger blog

Step 4 >> That’s it. Your new web blog is set and ready to use. Now go to Blogger Home page or simple write the blogger url in your url bar and you will your blog in it

create blogger blog

Step 5 >> You can click on the blog’s name to manage your blog and to do further customization in your brand new blogger blog.


Click START BLOGGING to create your very first blogger post and to view your blog in the internet Hit VIEW BLOG and you will see how it looks to the world. You can buy a custom domain name for your blog.

Now all you have to do is include blog address in your resume, in your social networking accounts and wherever you like. Now you have your own identity online. we will soon discuss on how you can customize your blog in other ways ,how you can change the look of your blog and last but not the least, we will discuss on how you can Earn money by blogging. Till then take care of yourself. Write something on your blog and make your first post. First thing you will need to do is make your blog famous and increase the followers for your blog.

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If you are looking for serious career in blogging and want more control over your blog then you can start a blog in WordPress.

You will need a hosting and a Domain name for that, you can check the full guide on How to setup and install WordPress in Bluehost.

Do tell in comments, did you like our first post on how to create a blog. Share it with your friends and let them know about it. Which next post you are expecting. Comment below.

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