10 Best ways to get Genuine Instagram followers

Instagram is now one of the most popular social networks. You upload the pics in the Instagram before actually start eating. The stories, the filters, the posts, and live session. We are mad for them. We all want Genuine Instagram followers. Some for business purposes, some for personal purposes. We are gonna see all the best ways to get Genuine Instagram followers. Follow every given technique and you will a huge increase in your follower’s list.

We are not talking about fake followers or auto followers what they these days. There are many websites which give you hundreds of followers by just a click. We are not talking about those websites here. They may be real and genuine or fake. The point is that they don’t know you or have seen your page before. Those are as good as no followers. They are good just for numbers and you really don’t want that. So, below techniques are useful for getting genuine Instagram followers.


Best ways to get Genuine Instagram followers


1. Make Awesome Content

First of all, before going all on getting genuine followers, you need the content. Whether it is a blog or an Instagram account. You need content. If people visit your account they should get value. Remember, quality matters and not quantity. You may have seen many accounts with thousands of followers with a very little amount of posts. On the other side, you may have seen some accounts with very fewer followers and a ton of posts. Provide the value. If you have quotes page or a writing page, make sure you put an awesome background. You can put a logo in the quotes or just write your account’s name.


2. Follow other People in the Same Niche

Follow other people who you may think will like the page. This work like this, when you follow them they will most likely open your account to see who you are. Now it’s 100% depended on your content. If they like your content and find it relatable they will definitely hit that follow button. There are 75% chance they will follow you back. You can use a  tool name unfollowers to bulk unfollow all those people you have been following. Look for some hashtags in the search bar, find some of the accounts having the same category. Open their follower’s list and start clicking on the follow button on every person. Please note that do not follow or unfollow more than 100 people in an hour. If you do so, Instagram will mark your activity as suspicious and you will be blocked from following people for 24 hours. Slow and steady wins the race.


3. Be consistent

This is the place where most of the Instagram account fails. People eventually stop posting. You should make an average of at least 3 posts in a day. Although, it’s all on your niche. For instance, a meme page will require more posts in a day. See the competition, see how often are they posting. Instagram admins eventually stop posting because they don’t have enough followers and some of them because they are not making money from it.


4. Engage with Followers

Try replying to comments and DMs. Engagement is the key. Your audience should feel connected. People tend to be more active if they feel connected. If there is someone to listen. Engage with comments and DMs. I am not telling you to spend all day replying to DMs but you should try your best to reply as many DMs as you can. Another great way to engage your followers is by stories. Instagram launched Questions, polls, and many other things to make your audience engage. Ask them questions, make some cool polls. Engage with them. You don’t just want followers, you want active followers.


5. Don’t even go for Auto Followers

Auto followers or fake followers will really destroy your page. They won’t like your posts and just increase the number of followers. Moreover, the Instagram algorithm only shows your posts to a limited number of your followers. Hence there is a very good chance your real genuine Instagram followers won’t be seeing your posts and the fake one will be seeing. So, I would suggest not to go with that.


6. Use Creative Hashtags

Now that people can follow your hashtags. You can take huge advantage of it. Use hashtags which are followed by most people. You can start your own hashtag. Ask people to post your product’s picture with this hashtag or you can run a Q n A with your personal hashtag. There are many apps available in the play store which show you the best hashtag for your category. Use those hashtags.


7. Be Unique

Have your own style of posting. Instagram displays three posts in a row. Be creative with that. You can either choose 3 different themes and post all those in a sequence. For example, if you can select the first theme as a quote, the second one as a video and the third one as a photo. Maintain the sequence and post them. When someone visits your page, they will see a beautiful pattern and will come to know what exactly you post. If your account is just related to quotes, make different backgrounds. You can either select the colors or you can just select the light or dark theme.


8. Your Bio Matters

Bio is the first thing that a people notice when they open your account. Be creative in your Bio. Let the people know what exactly is your account about. Use emojis in your bio. Use relevant hashtags in your bio. At last, but not the least utilize your bio link wisely. Bio-Link is the only clickable link.


9. Don’t forget Story Highlights and Captions

Agreed Instagram is all about the pictures and videos but a beautiful long caption below your picture will make a great impact. Write captions, don’t just put hashtags in your caption. The next is story highlights. Upload some amazing stories and highlight them. People tend to take look over your page’s post and stories before they actually hit the follow button.


10. Don’t go after Money

You are reading the best ways to get Genuine Instagram followers, So there is a good chance your Insta account won’t have many followers. Therefore, The best way to gain followers is to not go after the money. Don’t just start promoting other people products or service. I suggest to only start accepting paid promotions after your account has reached at least 10k Followers. You won’t even get paid that much and you may also lose followers.




Numbers don’t matter. You may have hundred thousand followers but how are they useful if none of them buys your product. On the other side, you have a thousand Genuine Instagram followers and out of them, 50% are willing to buy your product. Which one do you need? Of course, the one who buys. So to summarize, use these techniques to get some genuine followers, Engage with them, and provide them value. You will definitely see the success. Good Luck.


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