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Handwriting font

Welcome to techxstar, if you are a daily reader of our site then you might know recently Mahir posted a tutorial to Change Android font   So this tutorial is something similar, its about how you can change android default font and set your own HandWriting as Android Font. Unique is better, why copy others ? Lets make your smart phone follow your style of writing. So lets begin a step by step guide on how you can make your handwriting as font in Android Smartphone. To Make android font your default font, you need a TTF or OTF file. TTF stands for True Type font while OTF stands for Open Type Font. So all we have to do is convert handwriting into TTF or OTF file.Why use another font when you have your own Handwriting font


I don’t have Bad writing, I have my own Font.


Lets make the quote for real. Follow the below given steps to make your own Handwriting Font




Step 1 >>Go to the website  Myscriptfont


Step 2 >> Download the PDF file or PNG file given over there. 


Step 3 >> Now there are 2 options, first one is to take a printout of the PDF or PNG file. and then you need to write the letters in the given corresponding space. Fill all the space and then scan it with 300-600 dpi resolution and then upload the scanned file to the website. or the alternative way is to download the PNG file and open it with paint or photoshop or any of your favorite editing app and fill it out. I suggest you to take out a print and scan it because it will give better result.


Step 4 >> Upload the file in the website. It supports jpg, png, pdf, jpeg and tiff file type of maximum 6MB and 6500 x 6500 px. You can give any name to your font as my handwriting font or you can type your name or anything you like.


Step 5 >> Click Start and wait till it converts your file.


Step 6 >> After the file is converted into ttf or otf file. You need to tranfer that file into your mobile phone. if you have downloaded in mobile then you can directly proceed to the next step


Step 7 >> Now the point comes on adding that file and changing your font. You can use Fonter app for it. or you can check out the previous guide on HOW TO CHANGE ANDROID FONT


To perform this, you need to Root your Android Phone. You can check out our article on How to root any Android phone without PC


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