How Smartphone transformed the way we play

How Smartphone transformed the way we play

With the invention of the Android smartphone and IPhone, Gaming has taken its whole new place. Everyone has their own requirement of buying a smartphone, it may be for better cameras, better features etc but along all of this Gaming is the thing that everyone loves to do. No matter whether it is waiting in a queue or sitting bored at your place, the first thing that comes to your mind is playing games. Smartphones transformed the way we play. In past days, starting with the small Snake game to the latest high graphics gaming, the craze of gaming is increasing rapidly.

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How Smartphone transformed the way we play

Smartphone VS Console

How Smartphone transformed the way we play

Nowadays the best game developers of console have also started realizing the same game for mobile version. Some games are better to play in Console such as GTA 5, Tomb raider etc while some of the games such as clash of clans , asphalt 8 etc are better when played in smartphones. Just like arcade, adventure and actions have their own places so does casino and slot games. Poker and casino games are best played in smartphones with hundreds of games in app market. With the best games such as teen patti, Roulette, blackjack etc. The casino industry can make you real cash by playing online casinos.

Today’s Smartphone Gaming

According to Newzoo, one of the popular network in gaming The universal gaming industry is worth more than $99.6 Billion in this year and according to them more than one third of the total revenue in gaming is generated by Mobile gaming.

Future of Mobile Gaming

According the ARM Forecast, all the mobile devices will be more powerful than PlayStation 4 and xbox 1 by the end of the upcoming year 2017. At the Casual Connect conference held in Amsterdam earlier this year, the ecosystem director of ARM Nizar Romdan explained that the chips that the company is creating along with some other partners such as Nvidia, Samsung, as well as Texas Instruments will generate the visuals on par with and then it will surpass what gamers get from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles by the end of upcoming year.

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Why Smartphone gaming is popular

How Smartphone transformed the way we play


Well, first of all mobile gaming is popular due to its portability, You can take your playing device to wherever you want. Its easy to carry and you don’t need to remember to take it with you as no one in this world forgets their mobile.


Buying cost of mobile games is less as compared to console games. Moreover the development charges are also less. So developers keeps developing games and Gamers keep buying those. Along with this there are lots of free games available for Smartphone.

Age Factor

Even a child can play mobile games while in console it’s a bit complicated to control the games so as in a matter of popularity, Smart phone games can be played by age people so in one way it’s an factor for popularity of mobile gaming.

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Final Words

I won’t say smartphone is better than console or console is better than smartphone but there are few games which are best only for the smartphones whereas some are best only for the console. Do comment your views about this.

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