How to Install Kali Linux in VMware in minutes

install kali inside windows

Kali Linux,

the favorite operating system of hackers and programmers. We already discussed on Why Linux is better than windows Here is a tutorial to use kali without installing, vmvare it is the virtual machine to use another operating system with your windows, vmvare is a free player so you can use to install any operating system in vmvare. This tutorial also helps you to install kali on physical hardware, Kali installation is not to very hard, but if you are new in kali so you have to first try in virtual machine without damaging your hardware data on your computer.

there is a two-way to install kali Linux

  •      1. Install from USB drive
  •      2. Install in Virtual Machine { VMware or Virtaul Box }

What is Virtual Machine ?

Virtual machine is a emulation of a system. It can run OS directly on the bare hardware. In other words, using virtual machine you can use one OS inside another OS. Simply like you can install linux inside windows or linux inside max OS . In this we will be guiding you to install Kali Linux inside windows similarly you can also use Kali linux inside Mac Os


Requirements :

  • Kali Linux ISO
  • Laptop or a computer
  • Vmware or virtual Box software
  • Time

here we going to install kali in VMware so first of all download kali iso file and download VMware player.

Download Links :

Steps to Install Kali  Vmware

Note : Click on the image to enlarge it. Some images may not be shown clearly due to font and image size. So just click on it and you will see full clear screen shots.

1. First of all download kali and and VMware from the above given link.

now click on VMware setup file and select NEXT button.


2. Click on typical or you can click custom if you want go manually.

install kali vmware

and click on finish button to finish the installation.

3. Now you can see the VMware icon on your desktop open it,

and you will see like this, Look may change depending upon the version of the vmware player.

install kali vmware
install kali vmware


  • here VMware installation are finished, goto the next step to install kali linux in VMware.


4. Click on create a new virutal machine an select typical installation. Again you can do it as you like.

install kali vmware


5. now  you can see insert later or install from installer disc and browse option click on browse and select your kali iso file

install kali vmware

6. Now select the path you want to install and you can give the name as you like. In this case we have named it as debian. Also along with this you will have to select the location in which your virtual OS will be saved. Give a path to it and click on next to save installation location.

install kali vmware


7. Now click on split virtual disc on multiple files. You can keep the file size as much as you like but you won’t need much space. So i suggest you not to keep more space. Why decrease windows or Mac OS space.

install kali vmware

9. Now select custom hardware to customize the virtual machine like its ram, processor, hard disc size, etc. you can select RAM as per your need and 1 processor will be enough. Hard disk space you have already selected yet you can check it out once again. See the other hardware things. If you want to use specific sound card you can select it or simply keep it as it is. You can do the same with other hardware things.


install kali vmware


10. now this  screen will appeared then click on POWER ON THIS VIRTUAL MACHINE write below the name given.

install kali vmware

11. Click on install to install kali. The rest of installation goes normally. If you are aware on how to install kali linux. You can do it directly, If not we are still here for you. Follow the steps.

install kali vmware



12. Select your language. We have selected English so all can understand it.

install kali vmware

13. Select input language and its take a minute to load.

install kali vmware write your host name and enter username and password also and hit continue.

install kali vmware

15 . now click on guided -use entire disc and continue. You can select manual if you already know about it. Else go with guided. For beginners guided will the best.

install kali vmware

16.hit enter to confirm selected partitions.

install kali vmware

17. Select YES to finish the installation, now seat back and relax loading takes some time to install kali Linux

.install kali vmware

now after complete the loading to you will see kali image that means  kali linux is now successfully installed in your virtual machine.

kali linux inside windows

The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear

Now you can use kali linux inbuilt tools and for latest update of kali you can type in terminal


after this command kali will be updating … Enjoy you kali linux in VMware without data loose or dual boot.

We would soon be providing and posting articles and tutorials or guides on ethical hacking and some expert tips on mastering kali linux. We will go through basic to advance covering all the topics.

For any other query you can comment below. We would be Happy to guide you.

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