How to install Xposed Framework on Android

install xposed framework

Hello readers of techxstar, how are you all ? Hope fine. In our previous article we discuss about what is rooting and advantages and disadvantage of rooting . So have you rooted your android phone ? Not yet ? No problem take a look at this article to know how you can root your mobile without a PC or Laptop by One Click android root. In this articer we will be discussing on What is xposed Framework and how to install xposed framework in your android device


What is Xposed Framework ?

Before getting deep into it first of all know what is framework, Framework is a set of class for software. Now what is Xposed Framework ?

Xposed is a framework for tons of modules which can easily change the behavior of your android system and applications without touching any of their APK file.It is great thing because the modules can work for different ROM and different without any changes only if the original code is not changed too much. It can be easily rolled back or undo. As all changes are done in the android memory, you just need to deactivate the module and simple reboot or restart your device to get your original system back. So it is one of the best part.


There are many other advantages along with this

Multiple modules can do changes to the same part of the system or app. With edited and modified APK files, you to decide for one. Not possible to combine these, unless multiple APKs are build by using different combination.

There are many uses and advantages of xposed installer. To install the xposed framework, you will need xposed installer. Now lets begin the tutorial on how to install xposed framework


How to install Xposed Framework on Android ?


Okay so lets begin the tutorial step wise. Follow below given steps and you will be all set to with installed xposed framework


  • Download the xposed installer Apk file from here


  • Install it just like a regular apk file. Make sure you have enabled unknown source to install the apps. If not you can simply go to settings > Security . Check unknown source and you are ready to go.


  • After installing the app, open the app and you will see following screen

Install xposed framework


  • Next step is go the first menu shown, Framwork. A warning message will  appear, click OK if you want you can also tick mark DON’T SHOW THIS AGAIN.

Install xposed framework



install xposed framework


  • It will ask for the root permission, grant it by clicking in Grant button. you can change the time interval or tick mark ASK AGAIN according to your choice
  • As i said in first, If your phone is not rooted this won’t work so make sure it is rooted else check this guide

Install xposed framework



  • Lastly it will ask for Reboot. so reboot your phone and you are all done.

Install xposed framework



So that’s all. you have now successfully install xposed framework in your android device. Stay tuned we will be soon posting on some of the cool modules and amazing stuffs you can do using xposed Framework. Keep calm there is still much more to come..

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