What is Internet of Things, Applications and How it works

internet of things

Hello world, It’s been a while since I haven’t updated the site, My apology for that. So here I am, in this post, we will be seeing about the Internet of Things. One of the famous yet lesser known thing. As the title says, we will see the whole thing about IoT. So, let’s get to the point and not waste much time in the intro.


What is Internet of Things IoT?

IoT stands for Internet of Things. IoT is the concept of connecting any device to the internet and using it from say a mobile or computer device. In simple words, the idea of controlling any device through an internet enabled device. Say, you can control the doors of your room or the lights of your bedroom. An embedded system connects each of these things together in a network and hence to the internet.


Application of IoT

IoT has a lot of application to define a few. All the things that are connected and can exchange the data between one another starting from A simple wifi enabled Remote control car to Home automation system are done with IoT.

IoT can be used with almost anything say security systems, thermostats, your own vehicle, any type of electronic appliances, lights and fans in the household and of course on commercial environments, alarm clocks, music systems and much more.

In other words, we can say you can easily put your whole home into automation.

Say, you want to make a remote control helicopter and capture the sky view. You can simply add a camera into the helicopter and it can be accessed by any internet connected device including your Android Smart Phone or IOS Phone.

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How IoT Works?

You may be wondering how do these things work. Right ? Lemme get this straight. IoT Works in the basis of 4 main things

  • Sensors or Devices
  • Connectivity
  • Data Processing
  • UI


Sensors or device – Sensors are used to actually collect or obtain the data. Just like the screen of your mobile phone automatically goes off when you are in a call. In the same way, there are lots of other sensors used to do different things.

Connectivity – The next thing is about connecting the data with the Internet. The data fetched through the sensors can be directly sent to the cloud or the internet.

Data Processing – Obviously, everything needs some processing. Here some verifications are done based on your data and your final data is processed.

UI – UI Stands for User interface. It is the part where the sent data is actually displayed in your internet connected device.

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