How to develop a Career in Ethical Hacking

ethical hacking

With the everyday attacks in the internet, Ethical hacking and security is the most important thing to learn. In this article we will discuss on how you can develop career in Ethical Hacking.This guide will give you the brief idea on how you can learn hacking and which are the essential steps taken to become a perfect hacker

What is hacker ?

A hacker is one who is better in programming, coding and knows to explore the computer in a better way. Hackers are the one who likes to find how to the code works and finds the weakness of the code to exploit it. For its own use or for security.


Where to start learning Ethical hacking ?

This is most commonly asked question in the cyber world. Many of you wants to be a hacker but have no idea from where to start learning hacking . So we discuss step by step guide on how you can become a perfect Ethical hacker.


Programming is the basic and main thing which you should learn before proceeding in the field of hacking. Many of us ask, is programming necessary to learn hacking ?

It depends upon your goal. If you just want to learn some tricks then programming knowledge is not needed but if you want to be an elite hacker, programming is must.  To code the tools and programs you will need coding knowledge

Don’t know which programming language you should learn first ? then well go with c/c++ or Python. For hacking purpose, Python is the best language ever.

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 Along with the programming you will need to know the basic of networking. Because to hack into a network you should first know how the network works. So I would recommended to study the basic of networking. This includes the basic of LAN, WAN and MAN, DNS , Firewall, VPN  and also you should have some knowledge on tools such as Wireshark, Nmap or zenmap, packet analyzer etc. We will see some of them further.

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Well if you want to be an hacker, forget other OS and focus on open source like Linux. We already discussed on Why Linux is better than windows . Linux seems to be a little hard but it’s not that hard, all you need is dedication. Linux has many distros , if you have no idea what linux is i suggest you to start with Ubuntu. Else if you are bit aware about Linux then you should be working with Kali Linux for your hacking related work.  To decrease the chance of internal hard disk crash, you should either install kali in virtual box or Vmware or you can simply live boot your kali linux disk by installing it in a USB drive.

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It is not tough as the word looks, Cryptography means converting a data or the text into encrypted form in order to pass it through a trusted or untrusted network. The data or the text is encrypted while it is send and later on it is decrypted when it is received by the receiver. When the data is send it is of plan text and the encypted form of the data or the text is called ciper text. It is generally done by different type of algorithms. The top 3 of them are

  1. Secret Key Cryptography (SKC)
  2. Public Key Cryptography (PKC)
  3. Hash Functions

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Share Knowledge, Gain knowledge

Discussion is the most important part to master in anything. To be a lion, train with lions. If you think you are the smartest person in the platform where you are discussing then you are in the wrong platform. Even if you have mastered the thing, you should never stop learning. So you can do this by simply joining some hacking related forums or some discussion website, not only this you can discuss it in Google plus communities about hacking or you can do the same in Facebook groups. Linkedin will also be a better choice for professional discussion .


Reading Reading and Reading

Reading is the best thing by which you can learn hacking, you may have heard a line, a room without book is like a body without soul. So choose some of the best books to learn hacking, buy those books and get started.  Get the best books , start reading and mark some important points and write it down in your own words.

Recommended Books to learn hacking

Take a course

Well above all of this, you can take a course and learn ethical hacking, the best 2 course available are of offensive security and EC council but they are way too costly. you can take some affordable course if you want. For affordable courses Udemy will be a better option.


That’s it. Comment below on how was the guide to ethical hacking. Comment your view. Incase i forgot something you can share your views. Like and share with your friends.

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