Getting Started with Programming Language

Programming language

What are Programming Language ?


Programming Language are the High level Languages which converts human readble language to computer readable language using a compiler or an interpreter.



Choosing a programming language really depends on what you want to do. Different programming lanuages are used for different work.

If you want to learn programming just to make money through it then here is the simple answer. One language will do nothing. You should learn as many language as possible to Earn the best through it.

For Back-end/Server-side Programming , Programming languages likePython, Ruby, PHP, Java or .Net can be used. Along with this Database knowledge is also needed

In the same way for Front-end/Client-side Programming, HTML, CSS, JavaScript can be used. Having creative and design skills will be beneficial

Mobile Programming. For this Objective C is needed. For android app development Java is needed and for Ios [ iphone and ipad ap development ] Swift is needed. We will cover all of them in deep very soon.

3D/Game Programming, C/C++, OpenGL, python etc can be useful. For Game development ,Using Framework will be quite great thing because it helps you to develop game without coding

If you are intrested in Security and Ethical Hacking then Python, Ruby , C/C++ etc are very much usefull. For web apps PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript etc are used. In short you need to learn many languages in order to be a great ethical hacker. Languages are used to develop a program, if you want to just learn hacking then no need to learn this things. Make sure you are Good with Networking and Linux


Lets get some introduction on some of the coolest programming languages, We will discuss in deep later on.


Python is one of the most widely used High level programming langauge as well as the best recommended language for Begineers . It is a simple yet the best programming language. The code written in python is very short compared to that of C++ or Java or any other programming Language. Python is used for Web and Internet Development, Scientific and Numeric computing,Education, Desktop GUIs, Software Development.


Personally I suggest you to start learning with python. It is easy and fun. The best part about it is you will never get bored for writing long codes.



C++ is a middle-level programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup starting in 1979 at Bell Labs. C++ is used for teaching and research as to clear the basic concepts C++ is another great language to learn.  Almost every computer user has directly or indirectly used this language because most of the softwares needs this language. C++ is better for Game programming and game development.  The operating system such as Apple OS X, Microsoft and symbain OS are somewhere using C++. Some of the applications of Google and Mozilla aslo uses c++.




SQL stands of Structured Query Language (SQL) .SQL is a special purpose language for accessing databases and modifying it.Sentence or code or lines used in Sql are called SQL Queries. They are used to create , change, modify or delete a Table in a DataBase. The collection of data in a well organized manner is called Database.



JavaScript is the programming language of the Web. Keep in mind, Java and Javascript are two different thing. People often gets confused between these two. JavaScript is a scripting language for computers. It runs in web browser applications to create dynamic content for example we can create a clock or a popup.



PHP is a scripting language, PHP means Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but it is also used as a general-purpose programming language. A website can be made using PHP. A website which is programmed using PHP can have pages that are password protected or public pages. Some of the standard PHP extensions are .php .php3 or .phtml, although a web server can be set using any extension. There are many frameworks working on PHP.

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