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quick reply message on facebook

Recently google launched its own messaging app Google Allo which no doubt has the perfect UI and great features. It’s one of best feature is of Smart Reply. It means you can simply reply to any message quickly without by your selected custom reply. So to in this post we will see on how you can apply same feature in whatsapp, facebook messenger, SMS, KakaoTalk or Google Hangouts.ย  Let’s see on how to add quick reply message in your favorite messaging app. The best part is that you don’t need to Root your Android in order to use this application.Actually it is android wear app but works fine in mobile phone also. We will see the tutorial in android phone. You can follow same procedure for Android wear.

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How to add Quick Reply Message on whatsapp, facebook and other messenger

Doing your important work and your friend keeps irritating in between but you are too lazy to type and reply those text ๐Ÿ˜› .ย  For this case Smart reply is the best way to reply.

  • First of all to add smart and quick reply message download and install Fluenty app from google playstore.


  • Open the app, and skip the tutorial ( you can hit next or skip button at bottom right corner )


  • Now you will have to sign in or sign up for an account in Fluenty app. You can sign in using facebook or you can sign in using Google. It also gives option to sign up using your email address. You can do as you like.

quick reply message


  • It will ask for notification access, you will have to give the app permission to read your phone’s notification as it will fetch the message from your notification and add Quick reply message button or you can say smart reply button in it.

quick reply message

  • Now, you are all set, now you will see below screen as it is waiting for new message to arrive so it can add smart reply option in it.


quick reply message


  • You can add custom reply by going to settings or to know more you can click in Take a tour option. You can also add BOT which means it will auto reply to all the messages you received .




smart reply facebook messenger


  • As you can see Smart reply is option is also available when a message is received. If the message is link you can directly open it from browser. you can also add enable insane bot mode which automatically replies to all messages and you can do your work peacefully.

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  • As i said earlier you can also add your own custom reply. You can add it by opening the app and going to settings > custom replies

smart reply whatsapp


Please note that incase any of the damage happens to your mobile or your social networking account or your social messaging app, techxstar is not responsible in any of the way.

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