Remove Android Lock without Factory reset or Gmail

remove android lock

Security is the main concern when it comes to your Android Phone. Around 70% of total users keep password in their Android Mobile phone. The password is either pattern lock, pin code or password. So what if you kept a password and then forgot it ? Well, it can be recovered by Logging in to your Gmail account and then you can reset your password but what if you even forgot your gmail password and also you don’t want to Format your android phone. So lets see how you can recover and remove android lock without Factory reset/Gmail.

First let’s see how you can recover it by Gmail.

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Remove Android Lock with Gmail

  • Enter wrong password couple of times and it will ask you to SIGN IN using Gmail.
  • If you don’t have Mobile Data or WiFi enabled then you can ask your friend to call you on your android. When you receive the call, you will be able to access the notification bar during the call. So in that time, you can either enable Mobile Data or WiFi and then you can Login with your gmail account and remove your lock.

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Remove Android Lock without Factory reset/Gmail


So lets talk about how you can bypass lock screen incase you forgot your Gmail password and don’t want to format your Android Phone.

Step 1 >> Download DrFone Android Lock screen removal

Step 2 >> Install the software and open it. You will see the below screen. Hit START button.

remove android lock










Step 3 >> Enter your mobile in Download mode ( by pressing hold volume down + home button + power button at the same time )  Now press volume up button.


remove android lock




Again after doing these things click on START.

Step 4 >> Now it will automatically start downloading recovery packages for your mobile in order to recover your Lock screen. After ending of this process, the removal of your lock screen will start. It won’t harm your data. After couple of minutes , your Android lock screen will be now removed successfully.





remove android lock

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