Top Xposed Apps :-Use Android Phone Like A Pro Developers

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Top Xposed Apps :-Use Android Phone Like A Pro Developer:

Top Xposed Apps  What is Xposed all knows that if You dont know what is xposed and how to install so please read this article how to install Xposed.

Now lets starts to introduce the xposed modules.

first of all in top 10 modules or apps my favorite is  Gravity Box Which is top 1 st app out of top

10.Gravity box

top xposed apps

gravitybox is a top apps which all are using,  with this you can customize your : DOWNLOAD lolipop

Download kitkat

Download jellybean


status bar

speed indicator

battery customization

volume vibration control

volume, home button controls… and many more …



Xstana is a soft keys and status bar customizer it is the second best app to use and customize your phone and change colour, styles, designs etc …


top xposed (

Boot manager is a tool which customize your boot animations which is came when you start your you can change it and put your own boot animations.

4.Ultimate Whatsapp engine


top xposed app (

With this tool you can change whatsapp themes, colours, and full customize your whatsapp like your own app..



top xposed ( your private files are stolen or watched by someone else or your private messages are readed by someone else so install this hot app and secure your phone from your friends and theifs. now you can feel free no one can hack your phone.


6.SwipeBack:-fast back back key shortcut

Top xposed apps(


Big screen haaaa so can’t manage with one hands?? in todays smart phones are too big to use this app can help to manage your phones back key like pro you can swipe for going back no use of your soft key.


7.Amplify Battery Extender

top xposed apps(


Battery draining? so lets save it using this app…Now days android battery life is going to small this module or app will help you to increase your battery life and


8.Awesome Pop-up Video

top xposed apps ( pop-up video module to use like multi windows tool so you can do your work with waching videos.



this app is for cleaning ,clear your caches and make your battery life larger mobile hanging problems etc can reduce with this app.



10.XMultiWindow:-Multi Tasker App

top xposed apps (

top xposed apps (

Hey Want to Be multi tasker? lets install this cool app, All knows about this app so i dont have to tell about this but i have to… so this app is mostly using for multi tasking and you can run multi apps.


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