How to use Keyboard as Mouse

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Many times it happens the mouse isn’t working on your PC or if you are using a wireless mouse the battery is over, so here is a small tricks to use your Keyboard as a mouse and make your keyboard mouse In this case your numpad will be used as your keyboard mouse buttons because many times while we can’t work only with a keyboard. We also need a mouse. So lets begin how to do it.

Especially if you are a gamer, this wont be much useful bcause in this case you will need both of the things, your numpad and your mouse. So for this case you can use your SmartPhone as a keyboard or mouse. We will update this trick later on!!

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Make your Keyboard Mouse { Use keyboard as mouse }


First of all press “Alt + Shift + NumLock” from your keyboard. It will show you the confirmation and ask you to confirm using keyboard numpad as a mouse. Just hit yes button and continue using keyboard as mouse.


Now, your numpad will be used as your mouse. The numpad over the right of your keyboard will be much more useful for your mouse corresponding. You can use 8, 2, 4, 6 buttons for up, down, left and right and 7, 1, 9, 3 for upper left, bottom left, upper right and bottom right.


  • 8 for Up
  • 2 for Down
  • 4 for Left
  • 6 for Right
  • 7 for Upper Left
  • 1 for Bottom Left
  • 9 for Upper Right
  • 3 for Bottom Right


Thats it !! You can now use your keyboard as a mouse.




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