Websites you must know if you are sports lover

No matter where you live or who you are. A person always loves at least one kind of sports, it may be cricket, football, tennis or any other indoor sports.  So, in this post, We have collected some of the best websites you must know if you are a sports lover. We all be knowing some of the websites to watch live sports and all. But we have collected some of the best websites you must know. You can bookmark these websites and keep an eye on all the updates about your favorite sports


Television Networks

Being a sports lover you have probably heard about this website. Espn is one of the famous tv channels for sports. It is US Based television network providing all the information one wants for the sports starting from Live score to news covering all the topics. It covers all the sports such as cricket, football, hockey, golf and even some indoor sports such as chess. It is one of the best websites you can visit.


News website 

When it comes to sports, having an eye on the news is also an important thing to know. Yahoo Sports focuses on all of them. Owned by Yahoo, yahoo sports is subdomain website of yahoo which focus on all the sports news. The majority of the information is received from STATS Inc. Made back in 1997, the websites update all the information from then till date.


Betting sites

Money making from sports. If you are a sports lover, you have probably thought of that, There is a betting site which compares all the other betting sites related to sports. From cricket to horse racing, there are many websites from which you can make money from and are genuine and best out of it. The website mentioned compares all the websites in the terms of each and every aspect necessary. It even checks the design and navigation of the website that is compared. If you are a mobile user, it must be compatible for you to visit and use any of the websites. It checks the best Australian mobile apps and website which you can use. It checks the offers, and promotions of the available and also checks the reputation, reliability, and trustworthiness of the website.

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Other Community websites

For the other community websites, I would suggest It is another website owned by Yahoo network back in 2001. It is powered by 300 writers and mainly focuses on team specific local Sports. You can debate and participate in the community.


Up to You

Lastly, it’s all upon you, here we have collected some of the best websites you can bookmark being a sports lover.  DO comment and tell us which one is your favorite and why. Share this post with your friends who love sports. Comment the name of the website if we missed any.


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