What are Data Entry Jobs | Worth it or waste of time

Whatever you start searching on the internet for making money online, you will surely hear this term “Data Entry Jobs” or if you’ve asked any of your colleague on how to earn money online, they will probably have given you the idea of data entry jobs. But most of you guys don’t know what actually is data entry jobs. So in this article, we will see what are data entry jobs, are data entry jobs worth your time or just waste of time.


what are Data Entry Jobs?

Well, data entry jobs are the jobs offered by a company to fill up their data. This data maybe regarding a form, or an ebook or any other post or anything which involves the entry of the data generally in alphanumeric form.


What Skills and Equipment do I need to do data entry Job.

All you need is an equipment from which you can write stuff and all of us have that equipment, yeah keyboard. Talking about skills, you don’t need to be superman to do this kind of jobs. There are many categories in data entry jobs, all you need is to see and rewrite the phrases as most of them are of the same.

Examples of Data Entry Jobs

There are tons of variety in data entry jobs and depending upon the company it may vary. Here I will give some few examples of what are these data entry jobs like.

Image to text data entry job:- In this kind of job, you will be given an image with text written on it. You will have to type the same thing in notepad/word file and then submit it to the company. The image will be a scanned image of a book or handwritten letter, all you have to do is type the same thing. It works super awesome if you have a computer and if you are working with split windows for mobile or you can even split the screen in windows 10.

Captcha Entry:- No matter which website you open or which form you fill up. It impossible that you don’t know what is captcha if you still belong to the stone age let me tell you, captcha is nothing but the “I AM NOT A ROBOT” thing you see up while filling up the form. There are letters given in obscured sequence or digits given in the same form. Now you may be thinking what is this have to do with the data entry job, Right? So, there is a data entry job where you get paid to write these captchas. Yup, you read it right. You get paid to complete these captcha. There is a series of captcha and you get paid once you completed certain captchas.


What’s the pay like?

If you haven’t asked this question, you probably don’t wanna make money with data entry jobs. But those who do want to make money, the pay for this varies from website to website and company to company. Some company pays as low as $0.50 for 1000 captchas while some pay around $2 for the same. Don’t expect more money from this. For the written copywriting the money will be around $1 to $5. Some companies even pay more for this but their criteria will be different.


Worth it or waste of Time?

It really depends on your talent. Personally saying I suggest not to go with this jobs because there are many ways to make money online you could try those. You could start a youtube channel or if you are more into written content, you could go with the Blogging. Here’s my article on how to start a blog. You can make money through Affiliate Marketing.


Beware of Scammers

Data entry jobs are generally done by the people who are new in the field of making money online. So there are millions and millions of scammers out there. Beware of those. Make sure you google the review of whatever website/company you are working for. If you find the website online, you can google payment proofs for the website and so you can know whether those websites pay you or they just want your hard work in return for nothing. So make sure you google it properly. Also, the payment proofs given on their official website may be fake. So beware of it.  You can also see whether the website you are working for has a contact form/Email id that you can contact to if something went wrong.


How to get Data Entry Job

If you are still reading this, it means you are interested in doing some data entry jobs, ain’t you. So here is how you can find the data entry jobs. Either you can check out local newspaper and find any local companies who pay you for data entry work or you can always take advantage of the Massive internet. If you want to find the work on the internet, Do check out my post on Best website to find Data Entry Jobs online.

Up to You

Now you have to decide whether you wanna do this job or not. If you start doing this beware of scammers, there are many websites which claims to pay for the jobs but doesn’t pay. They will block you or suspend your account by giving any stupid reason.

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